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02 Jan 2024

Manticore 15 inch coil is super deep

I was out metal detecting a few weeks ago with my new 15 inch coil for the manticore the fields were so quiet when all of a sudden I had a clean crisp signal I dug down around 12 inches and uncovered & ...
23 Dec 2023

Problems solved!

Well my great find was a little different than most. I have detected for years but always used Garrett equipment! We have been looking for two old septic tanks, an underground gas tank and a buried 2/0 electrical line! Well the & ...
24 Nov 2023


On 09 September 2022 I had gotten the itch to prospect with my GPX5000 and look for the famed “nugget patch” everyone is so eager to find. I wasn’t 500 feet from my dads doorstep walking behind his house & ...
20 Nov 2023

Finds in the backyard

After doing some research I bought my first metal detector about two years ago, a Vanquish 340, as a way to explore the hobby and as something fun to do with my nephew. My folks built their home about 40 years ago & ...

See fantastic Minelab finds from our users or share your very own Minelab Success Story.

We would love to hear about the discoveries people are making with their Minelab Detectors. Submitting your story will give us the opportunity to learn more about the exciting finds you've made.

12 Nov 2023

After Hurrican Ian Daytona Beach 2022

After Hurricane Ian I was able to get on Daytona Beach on Saturday October 1st. A great many stairwells and beach approaches were destroyed which left access to the beach limited. Almost immediately I was finding US silver coins. I & ...
24 Oct 2023

Bronze Age Bracelet and Penannular rings

Found in Lancashire England beginning of October. Gold Bronze age Bracelet 1300-1150BC.
Equinox 800 found by me. Currently listed in December Searcher Magazine. Item has gone to Museum for appraisal.

24 Oct 2023

Rich Pickings

A last minute invite from Paul turned into a bucket lister ! Having had a torn meniscus and awaiting surgery I was finding it hard to get out and not able to work. My friend Paul called me on a Thursday & ...
15 Oct 2023

My first hammered coin

It was a beautiful day out in North Devon with our friends and Detecting for Dementia group, on some lovely land we've visited before. Was getting a bit hungry and thinking about having a break. I'd found a & ...
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