Flying with Minelab Detectors

All Minelab products comply with global regulations for compliance and safety. For more information regarding compliance on your detector please read the specifications in your user manual. To view, simply click on the below link to our website.

To take your detectors when flying you will need to remove the battery from the detector where possible and take it with you as carry-on luggage. This includes wireless headphones with internal batteries.

In the instance where a detector has an internal battery (e.g. Equinox or wireless headphones), take the screen pod and headphones as carry-on luggage. Coils, shafts and other accessories are ok to be put into your checked baggage.

At security screening you may be questioned as to why you are taking the detector on the aircraft. Simply explain to the security staff that the detector has an internal battery that can’t be removed, which why it is included in your carry-on luggage.

All Minelab batteries are less than 100 Watt Hours (Wh) and are ok to take onboard as carry-on luggage. Each battery has the Wh capacity printed on a label on the side of the battery if the security staff question the batteries capacity.

You can only pack the detector in your checked baggage with all batteries removed.

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