Gold Mining Training

Minelab currently offers Basic and Advanced level training, as shown in the table opposite, offering a progression from basic through to trainer level to increase local technical expertise and help our prospectors to find more gold.

Our training programmes reflect our commitment to Community and Environment initiatives for the future.

Field training also gives Minelab personnel opportunities to interact with prospectors from around the world and learn more about how Minelab can continue to best serve their needs.

  Type of Gold Miner  
Training Elements Existing Gold Miner (no experience) Certified Basic Trainer Existing Gold Miner (experienced) Certified Advanced Trainer Level
Step-by-step run through of quick Start Field Guides  
Practical Demonstrations  
Counterfeit Awareness  
Responsible Detecting (Environmental Awareness and Health and Safety)  
Efficient Target Recovery Basic
Basic Tool kit for Trainers  
Extra Curricular Knowledge - hints and tips to find more gold  
Trouble Shooting (Technical)  
Trainer Info - encouraging Responsible Detecting  
Using Advanced Functions - GPX and X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack  
Using Advanced Functions - Eureka Gold  
Accessory Coil Knowledge Base Advanced
Advanced Tool kit for Trainers  
Advanced Trouble Shooting  
Advanced Extra Curricular Trainer Knowledge  


South American miner training Training Training


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