A passion for the hunt

Undoubtedly, you’ll want to start straight away. Before you head out, be sure to do your groundwork. You want your hunt to be focused in the right location. Exactly where the treasure is.


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Dig into some research

Find a Location

Research at your local library or history society, Government Department of Mines, via newspaper archives and town plans. Talk to local elders. They could have valuable information such as swimming holes they used as kids; old baseball or football fields, or a park that was used for markets. Links to the past are potential hot spots to hunt in. Treasure could be right under your feet.

Map Pointing

The hunt is on

Go hunt where people gather. Search fairgrounds, race tracks, picnic spots, camp grounds, swimming holes, beaches, piers, sports grounds, old ruins. Go wild– treasure could be anywhere.

Go Find 22 Boys

Keep the Code

Be respectful when hunting. Live by the treasure-hunters’ ‘Code of Ethics’:

Get permission for the area you’re hunting in

Fill the holes you dig

Take your trash with you (all of it!)

Care for animals and the environment

Respect fellow hunters’ digs

A world of treasure hunters

Join the global treasure hunting community: detecting clubs, organised hunts, training, online forums, websites, tours and more. Make new friends and learn from the people dedicated to the thrill of the hunt.


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