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The GO-FIND detector series has action, innovation and passion locked into every model. Unpack your all-new GO-FIND and get ready to fire up a world of adventure.


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Discover the thrill of treasure hunting with advanced yet easy to use technology at your fingertips.


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Before you start hunting, research the hot spots. Let your imagination go wild – treasure is everywhere.


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Become a part of the treasure hunting community. Learn from passionate, like-minded others.

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Solve mysteries, find your fortune and uncover treasure with the all-new GO-FIND detectors. Primed and ready for adventure-seeking detectorists of all ages.

Discover the Series

Go Find 22 White Bg


Packs in all the fun and excitement of finding treasure. Perfect for passionate beginners of all ages.

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Go Find 44 White Bg


Advantage and discovery under your feet. Searches deeper and recovers treasure others have missed.

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Go Find 66 White Bg


Step up the power and performance. With precision control and maximum depth, hunt like a pro in no time.

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The GO-FIND app

Be in control of your GO-FIND, anyplace, anytime. The GO-FIND app keeps you connected when you’re detecting miles from anywhere. Listen to your favorite music as you hunt, share your finds online and more.

GO-FIND with smartphone app. The future of treasure hunting in the palm of your hand. 

There is the Standard App, which is free for GO-FIND 44 users.  And the Pro App, which is free for GO-FIND 66 users.  The Pro App is also available for GO-FIND 44 users through an ‘In-App Purchase’.

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