As a Minelab owner, you are not just going metal detecting, you are joining the many enthusiastic Minelab detectorists around the world enjoying the rewarding outdoor activity of recreational detecting. Enter the Go Minelabbing world online and you’ll find a wealth of information about detecting - from the Success Stories that showcase detecting finds, to the expert tips and tricks offered by our Treasure Talk bloggers.

There’s a wide detecting community that you can get involved with, including detecting clubs, organised hunts, competitions, shows, and events. Read the latest news to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in your detecting world. You can also visit Minelab’s Facebook page or YouTube Channel for more interaction with the Minelab community.

Learn, Share, Discover, Explore… and Go Minelabbing today!

Read the latest Minelab metal detecting news from around the world
Success Stories
See fantastic Minelab discoveries from our users, or share your very own Minelab Success Story
Treasure Talk
Our expert Treasure Talk Team share their detecting advice and experiences with you
Meet the Detexperts
The best of the best, these detectorists take on the hunt as they endeavour to leave no treasure un-found.
View current and past metal detecting events, or submit your own upcoming event

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